Why Choose Rosenblum Strategic ?


20 years of Non profit management experience - in communications, advocacy, fundraising, grant-writing operations and strategic planning roles. 7 years of Financial services experience. 30 years of lay involvement and leadership in community organizations Millions of dollars raised. Thousands of volunteers and students trained. Hundreds of leaders mentored. 

An unparalleled breadth and depth of experience. Rosenblum Strategic.


Most of us think about the tactics that will advance us through the day, week or month. Tactics can only truly be effective if they fit into a strategy that leverages your strengths and confronts your challenges with an eye on the horizon. Where will you be in a year? What will your environment look like then? Rosenblum Strategic will help you map it out. 


Business Plans. Grants. Speeches. Press Releases. Contracts. Reports. Proposals. Web Content. At Rosenblum Strategic, we have written for corporate, private, non-profit and government audiences. We know that the target demands a unique voice. We know how to make that YOUR voice. 


Knowledge based decisions. Informed action. Managed communications. We've created content, researched deep background on complex situations, and advised on crisis situations for almost two decades. At Rosenblum Strategic we know the value of information and the power of knowledge - and we know how to distinguish between them.